Ear Nose Throat Specialist Services

Zion Hospital offers the latest state of the art Diagnostic, Medical & Surgical Facilities in the speciality of ENT & Neck.

ENT Treatment Unit:


Logical Evaluation for Hearing loss.

Ear Evaluation:

The Ear evaluation consists of not only the ear, but also in certain conditions the nose and throat must also be evaluated due to the proximity of these structures. The most common ear problems are:

  • Tinnitus
  • Ear Wax
  • Perforated Ear Drum
  • Otitis Media

Our ENT centre has highly sophisticated Otoendoscopes and Microscopes for real time video imaging of the ear allowing a magnified and detailed visualization of the ear structures.

Nose and Sinuses Evaluation:

The nose need be thoroughly examined in conditions such as:

  • Sinusitis
  • Allergic Rhinitis
  • Recurrent Nose Block
  • Sino Nasal Tumors
  • Adenoids
  • Ear Diseases
  • Chronic Cough
  • Post Nasal Discharge
  • Snoring.

A detailed examination of the nose, sinuses and nasophrynx[ the back of the nose which is the site of the adenoids in children] can be made using sophisticated nasal endoscopes which are attached to high resolution computer integrated cameras.

Voice & Throat Evaluation:

The voice box and throat needs detailed evaluation in cases of:

  • Recurrent or long standing Throat Pain
  • Voice Box and Throat Cancer
  • Voice Disorders
  • Swelling in the Neck
  • Lump feeling in the throat
  • Snoring
  • Sleep Apnea.

The voice box and throat are examined with real time video laryngopharyngosocpy using imported endoscopes with computer integrated imaging systems. The sophisticated imaging system allows for quick, painless and a detailed evaluation of the throat and voice box.

Paediatric ENT Evaluation:

The diseases and conditions of children are unique and need a compassionate and friendly approach. Our ENT Center has specialized paediatric ENT endoscopes and microscopes which allow quick and thorough evaluation of ENT conditions of children. A hassle free and pain free approach is an essence of Paediatric ENT care.


State of the art ergonomically designed comprehensive ENT Treatment Unit with suction, cautery, imported camera and endoscopes with computer integration, for real time video-assisted imaging.

Motorized Patient Medical Chair

Designed for patient comfort and safety with declination, elevation and rotational functions for optimized positioning and patient care.

Imported Endoscopes

From the leading International Endoscope Manufacturer

Nasal Endoscope :

Video assisted endoscope for the detailed evaluation of headache ,nose bleeding, sinusitis, nasal tumors, snoring ,frequent colds, allergy and trauma to nose including fractured nose and cosmetic deformities of nose


Ergonomically designed 2.7 mm high clarity endoscopes are used to evaluate for adenoids, recurrent colds in children as well as adults, persistent cough, nasal bleeding, nasal and nasopharyngeal tumours ,ear complaints, Eustachian tube dysfunction.


To evaluate the voice box [larynx] and the throat[pharynx]


To evaluate the ear


Imported Opt fine high end microscope for detailed & precise evaluation of the ear and microear procedures. Camera and recording integration enables recording of procedures and images

Videoendoscopy and Videomicroscopy

Computerized Video integration of endoscope and microscopes enables real time magnified viewing as well as recording of images.

Electronic Medical Records

Storage and Retrieval System: Medical Software enables storage and easy retrieval of patient data and images.

Cautery Unit:

Specialized Electrical Mono polar and Bipolar Fine Tip Equipment for the expeditious and efficient performance of painless Office Procedures.

Ear & Nose Piercing Apparatus:

Separate Paediatric and Adult ear and nose piercing. Imported Gunshot apparatus is available for painless, bloodless ear or nose piercing.

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