Other Services


Diet is very important for maintaining a healthy life. Diets become even more important when recovering from illnesses. At Zion, we provide a Diet Plan for those patients for whom following a diet is necessary. For such patients, food brought neither from the home nor food from outside will be permitted.

Telephone Calls

Zion Hospitals also provides Telephone Services inside certain rooms. This will allow you to make calls both within the hospital or the outside. As soon as your bill is settled, the telephone will be disconnected. All calls will be charged and added towards to the total bill amount.

Cash & Values

Patients are advised not to keep cash and valuables with them. The responsibility of such items rest solely with the patient and those with the patient. The hospital will not be liable for the loss of any valuable items during the visit or stay at the hospital. Cash bought for the payment of the bill should be deposited at the appropriate Billing Counter.


A set of Linen will be provided to the attendants of patients in Semi-Private, Private, and Deluxe Rooms.